To keep the cost of a print cover down, the Simple Print Cover option has the following criteria:

  1. You have the option for me to process payment for and complete your ebook version before we start your print version. This has been common at IBC, as many authors are keen to get their ebook online while they finalize their printed manuscript or wait for their formatter to finish.
  2. Simple Print Covers all have the 6:9 ratio, the same as your ebook cover.
  3. You must provide the exact measurements for your trim size, including your spine width and page width including required bleed, before I commence.
    You can calculate these via your publishing tools.
  4. The back flap and spine will consist of either solid colors, gradients or a subtle texture background that meets the edge of your front cover. In some cases, if there’s enough image space from the front cover’s background to extend around the back, I will offer you this option. For instance, it might be a dark forest or outer space.
  5. The back flap will include only text elements and an optional logo. This includes your blurb and any other suitable text such as review quotes or a tagline. If you require new imagery or other graphic treatments, please order a Complex Print Cover.
  6. You can supply a logo if you have your own publishing name. I will happily add it, as long as it is print-quality and ready to go.
  7. You must generate and supply your own barcode if you want me to add it to the back flap artwork. Otherwise, I will leave space at the bottom of the back flap if you are choosing to add it via your publishing tools.
  8. When you’re cover is complete, I will supply you with your ebook cover in jpg or png format. Your print cover will be sized at the specs you’ve supplied, at 300 dpi and in pdf format.

Here are some examples of Simple Print Cover layouts. If the background cannot be extended from the front cover, I will use a solid color or a subtle texture from my library. However, the end result will still be stylish and effective, and many professionally published covers are simple in this way.

  • Book Cover Design_Simple Print Example 4
    Repeated background and lower panel with transparent block
  • Book Cover Design_Simple Print Example 3
    Edge of background fading to block colour. Repeated lower panel.
  • Book Cover Design_Simple Print Example 2
    Repeated background and panel fading to full transparent overlay
  • Book Cover Design_Simple Print Example 1
    Full block color on back-flap and spine. Repeated lower panel.

simple print cover – $60 USD

If you select a Complex Print Cover when ordering your ebook, I’ll email you to discuss your¬†graphical requirements for the back flap and spine, your aspect ratio, and if there are adjustments needed on the front cover. I’ll get back to you with a quote.

You will need to order a Complex Print Cover if you require additional images for back flap or spine. Depending on how specific your vision is, it can take time to find the right stock images. It helps if you’ve sourced the image yourself.

We can treat your ebook cover and print cover as two separate orders, where we complete your ebook first, so you can get it online, then we can work on the print cover. This way, your ebook upload isn’t held up by the longer process of creating a complex print cover.

Now that you have an outline of the process, you may wish to read the FAQ.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

complex print cover – by quote