Here’s a step-by-step guide on the process of ordering and receiving a custom ebook cover design from Indie Books Covered.

Important: It helps to imagine your title and text on each design when you browse the covers PRIOR to purchasing. Having very long titles or excessive text may affect the layout. Your text will be smaller in order to fit in the words.

  1. If you wish to proceed, click the ‘order’ button on your chosen cover’s page and fill out the form with your contact details, your book’s title, tagline (if needed) and your author name.
  2. I’ll email within 24 hrs, and we can clarify any details. I’ll also send a Paypal money request for a 50% deposit. You won’t need a Paypal account to process this.
  3. I’ll reserve the design for up to 48 hours. It’s best to get back to me with confirmation and make the payment before then, otherwise the cover will become available for everyone again.
  4. Once I receive payment and confirmation that I have all your required text for your cover, I’ll proceed with the artwork. 
  5. When I’m finished, I’ll send you a small, watermarked version to check over. We’ll discuss the typography to make sure it has translated well into the design. Again, the amount of text and the length of your title will influence how it appears on the cover. Please scroll down for information regarding revisions.
    In some cases, I’ll recommend a font change myself if I think it’s not working with your title. This is not considered one of your revisions.
  6. After you’ve paid the 50% balance of the total cost to my Paypal account, I’ll send you the final artwork at 1600 x 2400 pixels, which is a suitable generic ratio to fit the major ebook distribution retailers. It’s recommended by Smashwords and has become a standard for indie ebook cover designers. I’ll also give you a smaller copy to use for your website, promo, etc.
  7. We’re done!
    When it comes to publishing your book, I request that you credit Indie Books Covered for your cover artwork in your book’s front end acknowledgements. This is standard industry practice. Thank you!

premade ebook cover process

premade ebook covers
premade ebook covers
premade ebook covers
ebook cover design


Please consider that pre-made covers are offered at a reduced rate because they are sold generally ‘as is’.  However, it’s important to me that the typography fits your story’s mood and genre.

I’ll change the font colour and nudge the position for up to 5 rounds of changes. Pre-mades already have a well established look, so 5 rounds should be ample to cover slight variations.
If you want me to change the font style, I’ll send you a few examples to choose the new font. If you want to try more fonts after that, I’ll charge a nominal fee to repeat the process. Please note some title fonts may not be able to be changed due to the effects being dependent on that font. This is mostly the case with complex typography-based covers.

One to three rounds of changes is generally plenty for fonts, and I’ll make sure you’re happy with how your text translates into the existing cover’s typography.

premade ebook covers
premade ebook covers
premade ebook covers
premade ebook covers


In some cases, it’s possible to change the color of elements such as hair, background or clothing for a small fee. Other graphical changes might also be possible, depending on the cover and the change you’re requesting. Contact me and we’ll chat about what you’d like altered and how much it would cost. 

Don’t hesitate to ask, because a color tweak might end up free or very cheap, and if we can make the cover fit your story or character better, it’s worth at least discussing.

Please note that for premade ebook covers, graphic changes must be requested and clarified before I commence the artwork.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ. If your query isn’t answered there, please get in touch via the contact form.

changes to premade covers