The fun part is when you get to push your released or upcoming book via social media, but you’ll want to have great, flexible promotional graphics for ebooks.


First, choose your required 3D book image type:

  • Print book (on its own)


  • Print book and tablet/e-reader combined

Next, we’ll discuss a brand color for your ‘studio’ background shot and also an appropriate RW (real world) setting from my library. Your book will either float against your background or (if possible) sit in the scene on a surface.

The studio version (in your chosen color) is a bonus variation I offer for free. For the small amount of additional work at my end, it gives you so much more flexibility with your marketing. Your book will be on sale for a long time, and you will benefit from rotating your graphics, while keeping consistent with your brand.

I’ve also done this so you have multiple versions of your 3D book to post on Instagram etc and not fatigue your audience. While the RW setting can look amazing, the glossy studio shot looks super slick in Story format, considering that Instagram will pick up that background color. Then add your own text and shazam – you have a seamless story layout included in this package.

I will supply three 3D book formats: isolated/transparent background; studio shot; RW setting shot.

3d book mockup isolated
3d book mockup studio
3d book mockup setting

Using your 3D book and settings, I will create two Facebook banners that work for both Desktop and Mobile devices. This means enough space is allowed for the automatic cropping and your text and image area will not be cut off:

3d book facebook banner studio
3d book facebook banner setting

I will also give you the banners as versions without text, so you can create your own marketing messages such as discount sales, testimonial text, etc.

3d book facebook banner studio No Text
3d book facebook banner setting No Text

Below is example of a RW setting where the book graphic floats on the background. This works well for atmospheric images such as landscapes etc. But we must choose a low-contrast image so that your text stands out.

3d book facebook banner Floating


I will adjust and output your same banner artwork to a different size.


There’s fun variations on the traditional ‘boxed set’ graphic if you have a book series. Contact me, and we’ll talk about the number of books in your series and work out the best option.

Feel free to browse my premade ebook covers by genre, and all the best with finding the right cover for your next book.

promotional graphics