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The below imagery shows the detail involved in creating premium premade covers at IBC (which will be premade covers priced $95 USD and upward).

Using premade cover 111WWS as an example, the four images show the cover at different stages in the design process. Each stage involves experimenting, image editing and fine-tuning, and I use professional digital tools (beyond Photoshop) to make sure all elements are well blended as the final artwork.

Create a Kindle ebook cover_Base stock shot
Create an ebook cover_Composite stonework
Make a book cover_Adding more lighting
ebook cover design, fantasy

The end result is a collection of many small design choices, each with the goal of getting the best out of every aspect of the cover elements. This is the attention your book cover receives when you work with a professional graphic artist.

I understand it can be tempting to cut corners when organizing your book cover, but your potential readers are highly savvy, swamped with choice, and they see your book’s presentation as the first indication of your belief in your seriousness as an author. And with all the effort you’ve put into your manuscript, you deserve the best chance to compete in the market.

Feel free to browse my premade ebook covers by genre, and all the best with finding the right cover for your next book.