Indie Books Covered has the following values.

  • You, as an independent author, deserve a cover as good as those of professionally published authors.
  • All my cover designs come from a place of inspiration,
    from my appreciation for all genres.
  • I look after my customers with best practices that come from years in the graphic design industry.

Hi! I’m Melinda, and I’m a graphic artist who loves creating ebook covers for Kindle and other platforms. I began my career as a graphic designer & illustrator in advertising & marketing agencies, after which I moved into the computer games industry and became a pre-production illustrator and a 3d artist for PC and console games (Xbox, Playstation, etc). I now classify myself generally as a digital artist, working as a graphic designer who uses illustration, 2D & 3D design skills.

When I finally began my own writing, I discovered the wonderful world of indie books, and I’ve met some great people through this community. Now I’m channeling my design experience into creating professional, imaginative book covers for other independent authors.

My standard with every design is for you to be able to sit your book alongside professionally published books and not see a difference in quality and impact.

Feel free to browse my categories of ebook cover designs. You can also read up on the process of ordering an ebook cover, a print cover and promo graphics.

I hope you will find a meaningful cover for your story, and your characters will soon have life in the minds of readers. 🙂

about IBC